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Sky FM on my WinAmp December 14, 2009

Posted by haryoktav in Taipei.
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Recently, I work in my lab while listening to Sky FM with my browser. Smooth jazz channel  is nice, love music channel is also good. Just go to this link http://www.sky.fm/play/lovemusic.

But playing Sky FM in a browser is not challenging. I was wonder, how about to catch the IP address of the streaming audio and play it in a WinAmp player? (more…)

It is time for OpenCV September 6, 2009

Posted by haryoktav in Taipei.
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I have to switch back to use OpenCV. Switch back??? Lol..

For my first acknowledgment, let me say thanks to this link http://note.sonots.com/OpenCV/Install.html !!

Now, get back to work!… ^^

Webcam in C#: AForge.NET March 21, 2009

Posted by haryoktav in Taipei.

AForge.NET is another C# framework to do image processing and others. For further information just go to http://www.aforgenet.com/framework/

Here, I want to show you how to access webcam using AForge libraries. I found that these libraries are more complete and so far work for me.

I can select one of webcams attached in my notebook (a notebook usually has a webcam and I connected another USB webcam). And wow, awesome! (more…)

Efficient coding March 17, 2009

Posted by haryoktav in Taipei.
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It was so irritated when my code went so slow. I just added one for-loop and everything walked like Gery (SpongeBob’s pet, it is a snail).

Should I change my Atom N270 to Core7? Yes, it is so tragic that I code VS2005 for image processing on my netbook… lol

But this pages I found just like a warm sunshine on me. It is about make your code more efficient.



        while ((int)p != stopAddress)
            p[0] = (byte)(.299 * p[2] + .587 * p[1] + .114 * p[0]);
            p[1] = p[0];
            p[2] = p[0];
            p += 3;

The code above shows that we can eliminate two for-loop commands to scan x and y of the image..and using the power of pointer.  The type of variable p in the code above is a pointer. Just follow that links.

I am so happy this far but this is just the begining.. eng ing eng..