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Windows 10 mobile hotspot February 28, 2017

Posted by haryoktav in What's news.

What I love from Windows 10 is: mobile hotspot! Yay!

A complicated-manual-way was written in my post here: https://haryoktav.wordpress.com/2011/08/04/sharing-modem-laptop-ke-virtual-wifi/ Although the commands were on Windows 8.1 but they can be applied on Windows 10 as well.

But now, only one click!… *delay*…. Nope, actually 5 clicks (Windows Start button – Settings – Network & Internet – Mobile hotspot – On!) and another few-clicks to set-up the network name and the password.

This works only when your laptop has a wifi, right? How about a PC? The mobile hotspot option won’t show up. But when you have a wifi dongle and connect it to your PC, this menu will suddenly appear.

Have a nice..online! ^^

Mobile hotspot menu.

Mobile hotspot menu.

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