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S2E: No More Low Internal Memory Storage? ^^ February 3, 2013

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Yes, this is about my-almost-2-years-phone-and-I-don’t-know-when-I-can-buy-a-new-one-just-like-my-friends. Ha! ^^ So, this is my story about how come I didn’t realize that the apps can be moved to external SDcard-so I have more space to install more apps?! See? This picture below? ^^

Moved apps to SDcard!

Moved apps to SDcard!

I had upgraded my Galaxy Mini from its original Froyo 2.2 to Gingerbread 2.3.6 (Chocobread 3.2 Final version to be precise). I followed this links how to upgrade:



Then installed CWM. So, later, I can try various custom ROMs without PC. Ow, of course I still need PC to copy the custom ROM file(s) to my 2Gb-SDcard.. 🙂  Here is my link:


Almost forget, and I already forgot where I got the Chocobread custom ROM, but just search the file name with Google for: “[www.indowebster.com]-GT-S5570_signed_chocobread_v3.2.0_Final_Release.zip”

OK, so, everything is done. Please don’t questioning because I did that almost one year ago.. ^^

1. Now, the main story ^^. Before doing the rest. I backed-up my data. Exported my contact list to SDcard. Backed-up my messages using SMS Backup & Restore app. And backed-up the others apps using Titanium Backup free version. Then copy everything from SDcard to my PC. Just in case something crazy happen.

2. Next, I had to partition my SDcard become two: FAT32 and EXT4. This could be done with CWM. I found this link: http://www.noypigeeks.com/android/tutorial-a-guide-to-link2sd/.

3. After partitioned the SDcard, I copied back the data that I have saved in my PC into my SDcard.

4. I went to recovery mode and erase everything (factory reset). This step maybe not necessary.

5. Run S2E app. S2E has to be granted by Superuser. Then I checked everything.. ^^ and reboot to take effect. If you cannot check the Application Data, reboot again. But enabling this option will lower the performance.

Checked everything..

Checked everything..

Checked everything (cont'd)...

Checked everything (cont’d)…

6. I restored everything, my contact list, my messages (using SMS Backup & Restore), my apps (using Titanium Backup). Then reboot. Walaa… I have nothing in my internal storage! Just I showed you in the first picture above.

Main screen

Main screen

Notice for the "EXT" part

Notice for the “EXT” part

About the whole performance? I don’t know.. I don’t care.. I don’t expect more for my 600MHz processor.. ^^ Thx for the links above!

By the way, I was wondering if I unmount the SDcard for a while.. since everything will take out from the system, is my phone still working? 😉 A-Ha! You guessed it!

(Note: screen capture is a combination of home button and power button)

<Edited: > Sometimes an application can not run, so I go to S2E again, un-check Application, Private Apps, and Application Data, then re-boot again. It works fine!

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