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Dance Act from Flawless January 7, 2010

Posted by haryoktav in YouTube links.

Flawless, Britain Got Talent 2009. It was so amazing. I like their performance and the music. Also some quotes from Simon and Flawless,

S: “What is the ambition here?”    F: “Chase the dream not the competition.

S: “You know, I always believe that we, in this country, have talents. And where we are in the world right now, it’s a horrible though time a particularly for young people right now. But you’re example of being group of people of a great friends, and the example you’ve just shown which is with a focus, with a commitment, with confidence, with hard work you can achieve something…. This is one of the best thing that I’ve ever seen in my live.

So, you! Young people! Do your best!

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