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Broadcast radio online (part2) April 24, 2009

Posted by haryoktav in Interest.

I would like to share my songs while I am listening to. In the same time, I want the song title also appears in my Yahoo Messenger status.. haha..

My tools are: Winamp 5.55, ShoutCast DSP 1.9.0, ShoutCast DNA Server 1.9.8, Yahoo Messanger Status Changer plugins, and Yahoo Messenger 8.1. You can update the recent version, of course.

The whole system

The whole system

The picture above shown the whole system. After I installed them all,

  1. Run Yahoo Messenger.
  2. Setting the ShoutCast DNA configuration. Start –> All Programs –> SHOUTCast DNAS –> Edit SHOUTCast DNA configuration. Edit the line for MaxUser, Password, and SrcIP.
  3. Run ShoutCast DNA Server. Start –> All Programs –> SHOUTCast DNAS –> SHOUTCast DNAS (Gui) or (Console).
  4. Run Winamp with several songs are ready to play.
  5. Setting the YM status changer through Preference menu in the Winamp or press Ctrl+P. Goto Plug-ins — General Purpose. Double click on Y!MS Status Changer. Check the Enable Plugin. You can try many settings inside. In the Status messege format box, you can type (without”) “%T  http://your-IP:8000/listen.pls”. So, when your friends see your status, they can follow your link to listen to your broadcasting music. Your-IP is your PC’s IP as the same as step 2.
  6. Setting the ShoutCast DSP. In the Winamp, go back again to Preference menu. Goto Plug-ins — DSP/Effect. Double click on Nullsoft ShoutCast Source DSP. At Input-tab, choose input device to Winamp. At Encoder-tab, choose Encoder1, encoder type I used MP3 Encoder,  encoder setting I used 64kbps 22050Hz Stereo (depend on your bandwidth and quality). At Output-tab, choose output to Output1, put your IP in address, port 8000, password is the same as step 2, encoder to Encoder1. Click Yellowpages button. Fill your station description, your URL, and your Genre. Now, click Connect button. If everything OK, you should see the status is connecting and send some data to the DNA server.
  7. Done.

Now, play the Winamp, you will see the YM Status is displaying your current title and the link to your server. You can monitor how many listeners are tunning in through your SHOUTCast DNAS Gui/Console, or just simply use your browser to address http://your-IP:8000/.

There is an application so called HyperIM. You can try to replace the Y! Status Changer plugins. HyperIM offers much option to show for Winamp.

OK, hope everything goes well and have fun!



1. deni - May 10, 2009

makasih infonya cuma saya masih bingung merubah atau memodifikasi dulu file konfigurasi Shoutcast server di C:\Program Files\SHOUTcast\sc_serv.ini,
Say bisa dikasih gambar atau penunjuk yang lebih jelas lagi gak..sebelah mana yang harus di rubah?

thanks…japri..ke m963xxxx@cxx.edu.xx

haryoktav - May 14, 2009

Trims sudah mampir 🙂

2. yuher - May 22, 2009

aku g bisa pak T_T

haryoktav - May 24, 2009

Waduh, sorry telat..
tapi pagi ini saya liat dah bisa yak
sukses cuap2 🙂

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