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Knotty Quartus November 20, 2008

Posted by haryoktav in What's news.

In the Mechatronics Lab. EE-303, I was asked to use Altera Cyclone-II DSP Development Kit. When I have finished installation. The software asked for licensing code. So, I tried to register the serial number printed on the development kit at Altera’s website. But it failed. Because that serial number had already registered before. I contacted the support but nothing I can do. I was so upset if this happens to someone else, that means you have  to buy a new deveopment kit, and that is not cheap! What a weird company procedures!

Prof. Chung then asked Mr.Fu to track the distributor througth our campuss. Then suddenly, the license file came. But it still can not be change. In fact, I have to change my PC MAC Address as same as license file. What would happen? Of course, I can not connected to the network because we have to register the current MAC to the Computer Centre. Few..! Actually, I can use free license from Altera but it has limitation. What a pity!

Next I have to install the USB-Blaster downloader. The driver is not ready automatically. I have to locate manually in C:\altera\quartus60\drivers\usb-blaster\ then everything goes well. Thanks God!



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